Synopsis - Suki With A Twist: Part One

Suki With A Twist: Part One Synopsis (press release here)

Suki With A Twist: Part One is an Urban Fantasy Romance, with a hint of Science Fiction set in the early 2030’s Northern Virginia. Both the laws and society have evolved in a more open and libertarian direction than what we are used to today. Recreational drug use and prostitution are open, common, and legal.

The story opens with lavish office party. Jung, is president of the party planning firm and is watching over the operation. China, a beautiful young Asian woman and a Vice-President of the planning firm for the party, is on a date with Dennis Bohannon, the chief partner of the law firm throwing the party and stays obediently at his side.

The true nature of the date becomes apparent in the Presidential Suite of the Ritz. China is a paid date for the boss, commanding the highest rates on the East Coast. Her mother's business is the most expensive full-service firm. The story continues with a detailed view of the night through China's eyes to the next morning, in the “safe suite” where all of the overnight workers change back to their regular look, and we discover that China is the professional name for the main character, Suki.

Suki is troubled, at the age of twenty-four she has never been in a true romantic relationship and that is the root of her problem. She has only worked for her mother, she spends money wildly and she is beginning to hate her job. Through the next chapters the main characters are introduced. Jung has an active, erotic, social life and a hands-on business approach. One of her “pets” is a man that she has visited weekly for several years as his Domme, but he is normally sexually Dominant with others. Patricia and Samantha, a polyamorous married couple, are well known in local Domination & submission social circles, and they try to help Suki straighten herself out. Both have senior professional positions and they also moonlight for Jung's party business as companions like Suki, but only to pay off their house.

Jung knows someone who might be good for her daughter and sets the wheels in motion for them to meet. One little problem, John is a man that Jung has had ongoing Domination encounters with for years. Suki guesses this and agrees to meet him anyway without telling him that she is Jung’s daughter.

John and Suki hit it off immediately, right down to their mutual sexual deviations, and they discover Suki has a natural talent for modeling when John has her stand-in as his car model at an auction on their date to San Francisco. Suki has an opportunity at a new career and relationship, better than a dream, but it also creates severe problems when she returns to Virginia.

Soon-to-be published Suki With A Twist: Part Two begins just after Part One ends, with Samantha and Suki preparing to work a small private party.