09 June 2009

God, Christ, Jesus, that Palestinian Issue

Listening to the Mike O'Meraha (sp?) show on WJFK.

They just had some guy on with a book, I think, about SOME Muslims hating the US for various reasons.  And other objections with Muslims in general.

Well, I did not hear the discussion, but I am listening to the end of the discussion and I am not sure if Mike, Buzz, Rob and the callers are responding to a single thing the man said or if they are spouting off a load of PC bullshit.

This hits close to home.

While I was on a Friday night date a few weeks ago some sort of Gaza (or something related to the Palestinians) thing came up while I was talking to the best friend of my date.  My response was to the effect of something mentioned by Suki in an earlier post: 'If those people would stop spending their allowance on murdering Jews, maybe Israel would stop blowing up their infrastructure.'

The response was "don't bring that up tonight".  Turns out, the woman I was out with was dating a Palestinian guy, who has not called her in a long time, she fled the US with him, was exonerated of something-or-other that I never got the details on, but her boyfriend cannot return to the US, legally, until sometime next year.  I found out those sketchy details the next day.  Sounded pretty shady.  Did not connect the dots between her and my statement the night before until later.

Well, excuse the shit out of me.  I am anti-Hamas (Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamat al-Islāmiyyah), anti-Hezbollah, anti IRA, and anti-terrorist, in general.  I sure as hell am not anti-Muslim, anti-Irish (maybe a little of that one), anti-Arab nor anti-Palestinian.

My attitude is that Israel will be cool with their neighbors as long as their neighbors don't mess with them.  Seems to be proven in reality.  Someone on Hit & Run used to say their policy was like ours; "Leave us alone and nobody gets hurt."  I agree.

I never bothered finding out if the girl I was out with has that terrorist embracing attitude like her friend, but I ran the phrase past the lady I was out with a couple of days ago.  She did not have a big reaction, but did say she was pro-Palestinian.  No problem there, I am pro Israel, but on the pro-peace side of things and she did not take long to understand where I was coming from.  She is bright, I think the delay may have been due to my phrasing.

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