12 June 2009

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Amy Alkon has an awsomest view of the Israel in defense of Palestinian wackjobs here:

The Israelis don't want to kill all the Arabs. It's the other way around. And the Israelis live in peace with many people who are not Jews -- any people who aren't looking to murder them for Allah, or whatever.

Meanwhile, on the subject of actual ethnic cleansing, in Darfur, the Revvie is strangely silent. I guess that's because Muslims are killing Muslims. (So inconvenient not to be able to blame the Jews!)

"Leave us alone and nobody gets hurt" should be the Israel motto, as I read on Reason.com/blog

Choice comments from Amy's readers:

Racists like Reverend Wright give blacks going to his church a bad name.

I wish African Americans like Thomas Sowell, Michael Steele and J.C. Watts got more publicity. These guts are good role models for African Americans versus Race pimps like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farakan.

Posted by: David M. at June 12, 2009 9:08 AM

The whole "Blame the Jews!" is so overrated but the damn thing seems to still have some traction. There's times when I wonder if the whole anti-Semitism thing is just another form of penis-envy. After all, if we look at the Jewish Faith as a whole, the impact of the human existence is far more larger than many other faiths (Including Islam).

On the other side, Blacks "Leaders" used racism statements against Jews before. Al Sharpton did it with abandon in the past. When you have little power, is there a better way to get yourself heard than turning into a racist rabble-rouser?

Posted by: Toubrouk at June 12, 2009 10:05 AM

Ack!  I can't unquote in the Google!

This one is good by her too: 

What's Wrong With Handing Out Bibles?

More from Reason: Mandatory Composting in San Francisco. Also, Mandatory Birkenstock Purchasing.

The lovely Cathy Young from Reason:  New at Reason: Cathy Young on the 60th Anniversary of Orwell's 1984

Even more Reason: The Brown Scare of '09 with the money quote:  

So the Department of Homeland Security, a bloated and dysfunctional agency that shouldn't exist in the first place, should spend its time tracking the possibility that a criminal kook with no co-conspirators will decide to shoot a doctor or a security guard? From preventing another 9/11 to preventing unorganized shootings: Talk about mission creep. Yes, these murders are terrorism, but they're the sort of terrorism that can be contained by the average small-town police force. If you try to blow them up into a grand pattern that threatens ordinary Americans, you're no different from the C-level conservative pundits who treat every politically motivated crime by a Muslim as evidence of a broad Islamic threat to ordinary Americans' well-being. (The reliably inane Debbie Schlussel even blames Islam for the Holocaust Museum shooting, despite the fact that the killer is a neo-Nazi, on the grounds that "it is because of Muslims--who are the biggest contributor to the worldwide rise in anti-Semitism to Holocaust-eve levels--that neo-Nazis feel comfortable--far more comfortable!--manifesting their views about Jews.")

More on that:  That "Isolated Incident" at the Holocaust Museum

As you have probably now heard, an 89-year-old anti-Semite with a Prussian junker name (James W. von Brunn) shot and killed a guard at the Holocaust museum this afternoon. Little surprise that he is a 9-11 truther, an Obama "birther," and a neo-Nazi psychopath.

That is all for now.  I had other stuff but I am out and about and did not properly note it to myself.

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