17 October 2009

New Furniture Shopping

Looks like Overstock.com is my new favorite 'intertube' destination:

Mattress set (finally going to Queen size my bed).  Going to need new linens for that too.

Leather sofa bed and might go with this instead of a loveseat.

Need new chairs for the dining room table.  These could tie the brown wood table I have to the new black leather livingroom furniture.

I suppose I need to take a trip to a sporting goods store for a gun rack (didn't see any on Overstock).  That is going into the bedroom, flanked by the US and Israeli flags.  South Vietnam is going to have to be on another wall until I can get a two story livingroom.  Looking for a crossbow too.  Brother of a buddy might be selling his.

Brown recliner needs a black cover if it is going in the livingroom.  Can stay the way it is if I keep it in the bedroom.

Televisions, at least two are needed.  Livingroom (on top of old, big clunky compouter collection that will be the stand) and something like this for the bedroom, mounted on the wall.

Almost forgot, ionizing air cleaners.  Have had enough of smoking outside.


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