14 January 2010

Pat Robertson on Haiti

Pat Robertson on Haiti and that is an Entertainment Weekly link because that is the only value this story has:

I feel terrible taking any attention away from televangelist Pat Robertson during his big media moment, but I’m kind of fascinated with how 700 Club co-host Kristi Watts barely reacts as he informs her that the reason there was an earthquake in Haiti is because “the people of Haiti got together and swore a pact with the devil.” Do the producers send a current of electricity into her just before Robertson’s gonna say something f—ed up so that she freezes up and just nods? This is the second-biggest trainwreck I’ve seen all day.
The basics: in the only successful slave uprising in history, the slave leader gave an offering of a pig before the revolt began, in 1791.  Whoa!  Never mind that Haiti is slightly worse shape than many former French colonies.  Think that might be the key?  We should all count our blessings that they are not a former Dutch colony.

Here is the video of Robertson:

Advice Goddess has a discussion on her blog now.

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