27 February 2010

Libyan Leader Declares “Jihad” against Switzerland

This just in from the reason's Hit & Run:

BG|2.26.10 @ 1:07PM|

This is not related to any of the topics, and I'm not sure if anyone posted it yet but:
Libyan leader declares “Jihad” against Switzerland. At least we will have the entertainment value of left wing intellectuals trying to argue that this is blowback for their foreign policy.
In addition to a boycott, he wants Muslims to go to airports and prevent Swiss planes from landing. How are they supposed to do that exactly? I suppose it is good that he is at least not advocating actual terrorism (it didn’t work out too well for him last time).
Note: The video mentions the Swiss Minaret ban. I am strongly opposed to all human rights violations perpetrated in the name of Islam (or any other religion). However, I fail to see how building a Minaret tower on one’s own property is a human rights violation. I therefore consider the ban to be an unnecessary restriction on architectural freedom which I’d have opposed were I a Swiss citizen. It is a trivial issue however, and not something I consider a rational reason to boycott the country or get worked up about Swiss planes landing.

BG|2.26.10 @ 1:09PM|

The above link is to the comments page. Here is the video.

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