23 June 2010


One of the many reasons why John and I are best friends ever.

I am fed up with the baby killers telling me "it is just a clump of cells." Guess what? That "clump" are HUMAN cells and they are not the DNA of just the mother. It isn't like slicing off your finger.  The cells are not going to grow to be an extra liver, they are going to grow to be your child.  Rape and incest are bad but they are no reason to murder a PERSON.

Abortion is murder.

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  1. Fingernails are "HUMAN" cells too. So is semen. So is the hair you get trimmed when you go to the barber. So are the thousands of skin cells that you lose every minute of every day. The fact that a type of tissue is "human" tissue doesn't make a collection of human tissue cells a "human." Your parallel doesn't really work.

    An egg isn't a chicken. An acorn isn't a tree. A fertilized egg isn't a human. This isn't really that hard.

  2. Blackjeezus,

    The DNA of the naturally fertilized egg is unique. It is not a clone of the mother or the father. It is not like her hair or fingernails.

    This isn't hard at all for me. Just because you want a murder excuse you decide to ignore facts.