05 July 2010

#OpBookDrop by Ami Hendrickson

Seems I actually inspired someone.
On Twitter, I made reference to a book I left in a location described in Suki IAmi Hendreckson noticed and created #OpBookDrop (see her post and my comment).  My thought was leaving books and/or sending them to places I mentioned in my novels. In this case, the location is this Starbucks.*  I will be following up by mailing copies to libraries in other places mentioned in any book I have written.
Ami expanded a bit on what I did, suggesting writers leave copies where potential readers may find them, then adding #OpBookDrop to a tweet alerting others to the location.  Great stuff!
Additional thought: When you drop a book, use Tweet Deck (or similar) with Geo-tagging when you send the tweet.
*The location description in the book is in Sukis' lines and will help you find the place a little easier than where the linked map points you.
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1 comment:

  1. You did! You *did* inspire me! I've always given copies of my books to local libraries, but I liked your tactic of leaving a book for some random reader to connect with it, pick it up, and take a chance on something new.

    #OpBookDrop takes that one step further, then, and suggests that the reader leave the book where another can find it when he or she is done. Who knows? It might be a way to garner authors a whole new squadron of fans -- one found book at a time!