03 July 2010

Spy Season Again

Another Summer, Another Batch of Spies
NY Post story here of ten Russian spies arrested recently in the USA.
The Examiner reports three were in Arlington, VA: Mikhail Semenko, Michael Zottoli and Patricia Mills.  Zottoli and Mills are reported to have lived in River House apartments, the building Admiral Gracie Hopper lived in during her years in Arlington.
Zottoli and Mills admitted Friday that their real names are Mikhail Kutzik and Natalia Pereverzeva.
In New York, Anna Chapman is grabbing most of the headlines. Her ex-husband leading the way in excuse-making for "agent 90-60-90".
FOX has more details on Chapman and her possible embassy connections.
The Globe has a related history of female spies story:
Near this time last year, a US Department of State couple was arrested and later convicted for spying for Cuba.  I thought one of us bloged about it then, but can't find it.

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