08 October 2010

Change the Sports Mascots? I am here with the solution!

Yesterday, the Grandy Bunch, on WMAL-AM Washington, DC, were discussing this proposed law that will affect public schools in Wisconsin. I called in and actually got on air with them. Fred Grandy (R-IA, ret.) told the story of the Sioux City Sioux minor league baseball team leaving the league, then returning and the Sioux Nation not liking that name, so they were called "The Sioux City Explorers" because the Lewis and Clark Expedition went through the area. Good enough for my brainstorm: re-name Indian named teams for European explorers! If there is a team, say the Black Hawks, for argument sake, they can become the Conquistadors. Another team can be the Colombians (after Christopher, of course), DeSoto certainly cannot be left out in the Great Lakes area, and so on.

KEWAUNEE, Wis. — The homecoming pep rally Friday at Kewaunee High School will have extra drama this year: Everyone in town will learn whether they'll be rooting for the River Bandits or the Storm to beat the Valders Vikings in the big football game. 
The selection of a new nickname is the culmination of a sometimes painful few months in this town of 2,745. Under a new state law meant to eliminate race-based nicknames, logos and mascots, a complaint prompted the Kewaunee School District to drop the "Indians" name that had been in use here since 1936. 

"This has been a tough time," says Sandi Christman, who chaired a committee that got the whole community involved in the selection of a new name and mascot. "It's like losing a friend."
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