19 September 2009

Bullet-Proof Sheets of Carbon Nanotubes

Bullet-Proof Sheets of Carbon Nanotubes

via Slashdot by kdawson on 9/18/09

An anonymous
reader notes a CNN.com report on Nanocomp Technologies, the
first in the world to make sheets of carbon nanotubes. "In April, [CEO] Lashmore
had a mechanical multicaliber gun shoot bullets at different versions of his
sheet, each less than a fifth of an inch thick. ... Army tests show the material
works as well as Kevlar. The military also hopes to replace copper wiring in
planes and satellites with highly conductive nanotubes, saving millions of
dollars in fuel costs."

This is similar to what I was thinking the character John Tagliaferro would use as reenforcing material in his classic cars in the future.


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