17 September 2009

What to give Poland for the 70th Anniversary of Her Invasion?

From Reason:
administration to drop
Bush plans for missile defense shield in Europe.

John Thacker September 17, 2009, 10:04am #
"How are we selling out the Czechs & Poles?"

Well, agree or disagree with the overall policy, we had an agreement
with the Czechs and Poles, and then unilaterally decided to abandon it and
inform them of our decision. This is being done to placate Russia. Yes,
Presidents do have the right to overturn their predecessor's policies, but it's
also understandable that some people in other countries might feel betrayed.

The nice part is that the Obama team, being schooled in history, decided
to declare this on September 17, 2009, the seventieth anniversary of the
Soviet invasion of Poland.

The whole thing is also further evidence
that nobody really cares about being unilateral, just like nobody really cares
about deficits, and nobody really cares about ethics. Or, at least, people care
about the policies involved a lot more than the care about the forms.

Check the comments for the extensive discussion of Eyegina dentata too.

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