03 October 2009

Okay, I got a little autobiographical in Suki IV

Where to begin with Suki IV.

Early in the book, two Generals are out with John, Suki and their charter flight crew for lunch at Fort Hood Texas.  The Generals tell Suki about John getting picked up by a Cosmotologist in Waco, back when they were all Lieutenants.  The same thing happened to John's dad, Josef, when he was a Lieutenant.  I pretty much described what happened to me when I was there once.

I did love the steaks at that Officer's Club too.

There was a very attractive Asian bartender at the Eglin Beach Officer's Club, who adored my son and the staff flocked around him when the then wife and I brought him there.  I did chase him into the Gulf of Mexico in January of February, when he was very young.
The car I am restoring is going to be green and I plan to set it up like I describe John's car near the end of the book.

I am sure there are other things that I will add to this post as I notice them.


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