30 September 2009

C*A*M*M*O for the Veterans

http://www.cammomusic.org/, check it out and donate.  From their website:

The Beginning
Sean Gilfillan, the co-founder and CEO of To The Fallen Records, the world's only military record label, envisions the creation of a military music community that will focus the world on America's most musically talented service members. Military Music Artists are not receiving the Artist Development needed to succeed in the industry. Veterans interested in pursuing music industry careers in production, recording, managing, etc. are typically not given the opportunity to train and learn in these professions either. He immediately set out to make this a possibility by creating The Center for American Military Music Opportunities, better known as C*A*M*M*O. However, in order to take on a project of this magnitude, Sean had to bring in some expertise.

In the realm of Artist Development, there was no other choice but to bring in Victor Hurtado, a man that had been developing military music artists for the past 20 years and a close personal friend. As a producer/director of the US Army Soldier Show, Hollywood Military Consultant, and expert in all things Artist Development, Victor was the perfect fit to become Chief of Operations for C*A*M*M*O.

Meanwhile, Sean and Victor knew they had to bring in someone who had extensive experience in Veterans issues and Military Non-Profits. Enter Cathie Lechareas. Cathie has been serving the Veteran community for over 30 years after she herself left the military. By being a regular on Captol Hill, heavily involved with Veteran Affairs and within the military community, Cathie was the final piece of the puzzle needed prior to launching a non-profit with this type of high-profile mission and cause.

Now, C*A*M*M*O has set out to raise over $20 million dollars to open its first "Center" in Nashville, Tennessee. Already major sponsors are jumping on board to help, whether they are defense contractors, corporations, music industry professionals or just patriotic individuals who think the cause worthy of their attention, C*A*M*M*O is ready to Rock & Roll.

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