06 November 2009

Extremist Palestinian Muslim Connection Ft. Hood Shootings

Update to this post here.

Following up on Suki's post:

Son of Jordanian-Palestinian immigrants and US Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan went on a shooting spree at Fort Hood Texas yesterday.

On the Reason thread, Ebeneezer Scrooge made the observation:
Meanwhile, I also read that it's only been a couple of days since A.Q. put word out that people should attack the infidels (read: US and Europe) "at the grass roots level". It was a call to encourage isolated acts of terrorism. Would be interesting to know if this guy got the word.
 I heard the same thing, through the media recently and it looks like Suki has too (see comments in the thread).

Someone in the same thread asked if Major Hansan was Jordanian or Palestinian.  This report says Palestinian, but I am not sure of the accuracy.  It has been confirmed enough for me, by additional sources.

More reports here.  The best discussion about this event is at Amy Alkon's blog.

Several reports that the Major was making extremist posts on blogs and had been under investigation for the past six months.  Other reports of him being upset that President Obama did not pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediatly.

Bill O'Reilly segment with LTC(Ret.) Ralph Peters

A complaint of 'harassment' proved frivolous.

He gave away his posessions in the days leading up to the attack.

Several people in the Reason thread pointed out that he could have gotten out of the Army several different ways.  IIRC, he has been in since 1997.  Why he would continue staying in if he hated it so much is beyond me, so I am rejecting that theory and going with intentional disruption of the US Army.  He was able to go around proselytizing to patients and staff alike and I am willing to bet he didn't stop when he got reprimanded.  The reports of his being 'harassed' by other soldiers consist of statements from his relatives, at this point.  It sound more like he was proselytizing to them too and he was told to shove it. See the video here.  A fellow Soldier of Major Hasan recalls the batshit crazy Islamofascist crap this guy would talk about.

Even at confrences he was spewing his murder the infidels bullshit.

The bastard shot a pregnant Seargent in the back, murdering her (not sure about the baby).

Now that President of ours does not want us to jump to conclusions.  To be fair, he IS in the command chain and if he is going to say anything, that's about all he should say.  Okay, I didn't jump B. Hussein Obama, I am not president nor am I in the military any more.  The bastard is a terrorist.  A Palestinian Islamofascist Terrorist.

So, just for him, his pals and the other freaks who believe this nonsense, this "Zionist" Christian presents some fun erotica at the links below:
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