05 December 2009

Ordered Proofs of First Paperback

Just ordered proofs of my first paperback, Suki V: The Collection.  As mentioned before, it is a collection of the four Suki series books, slightly re-worked to flow as one book rather than a series.  If they look good it should be available for purchase next week.  Proof copies on the way to Suki, Sarah and Danielle of course, then autographed final editions to the named contributors.

Still figuring out how to include the works by Sarah and Suki.  Probably will be on a DVD for the contributors and available online (Kindle and E-Junkie.com)

If I didn't congratulate Sarah here already, congratulations on selling a Kindle copy one day after your work became available!  Fastest sale of anything I posted under the imprint.

The final version of the cover:

Browse the series on Google:
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Fan Fiction: John and Suki: Vacation Fun

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