02 December 2009

Interesting Blog Traffic 02 December 2009

Source: Google Analytics

Network Location:       atsite real estate
City:                             Washington, DC
Hour of the Day:           16:00
(Wed., 2 DEC 09) 
OS:                              Windows
Browser:                       IE
Screen Colors:              32 BIT
Screen Resolution:        1680x1050
Flash Version:               10.0 r22
JAVA Support:             Yes
Connection Speed:        Cable
Days Since Last Visit:   37
Source:                        Google
Search Term:               "suki stripper" 

Pages visited by AtSiteRes.Com
http://sukiproject.blogspot.com/2009/11/backlash-my-ass.html (also hit by Booz-Allen, 3 DEC 09)
http://sukiproject.blogspot.com/2009/11/interesting-october-blog-traffic.html (landing page, updated after this hit)

Looks like she likes Suki's work as much as mine.

Verified, this traffic is related to the 3 DEC traffic from Booz-Allen.

Update: More hits from this pest added here.

Browse the series on Google:
Suki I, Suki II, Suki III, Suki IV

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