11 November 2009

The Infiltrator

It is sad to write something like this on Veterans Day. It is sad to have thirteen dead heroes, over thirty wounded heroes and one live, treasonous traitor at Fort Hood, Texas.  Maybe if I were a little quicker on the draw I could have had it done yesterday.

The media spin is both incredible and not unexpected.  I shall call it uncredible.  So many of them seem to think that every single one of us who have served are some sort of ticking time bomb. Brain damaged goods. Unbalanced from the “horrors.” Horrors that they imagine and amplify, as if sitting in an office and writing about others is the only worthwhile pursuit that there is. Anything else is just evil, bad, or greedy, which is fortunate for them because that is their raw material.

In the media saturated part of Virginia where I live and work, a large swath of the residents not in media have the same notions. Many of them spread propaganda, most I suspect from their ideology, some I am sure through being on the payroll of some foreign or domestic enemy. I refuse to believe that any of them do it purely for money, for most it is probably some ratio of money and ideology that turns them.

Revealing that I wanted to deploy with the last unit I was in, before I was discharged (for my own failing to meet the military education requirement for promotion and being an Officer too long generating the discharge) is met with disbelief and astonishment, that I usually respond to with an eye roll and an attempted subject change.

So, now, let us turn to the case of Major Nidal (AbduWali) M. Hasan, US Army Medical Corps and begin with a few facts:

Completed basic Infantry Training at Benning in 1988, as Private Hasan, shortly after graduating high school. Here, look at the diploma;

Became a Commissioned Officer 22 June 1997 direct commission Combat Casualty CRS (AMEDD);

He continues service in the Army today, even under arrest in his hospital room;

In 2001 he was attending a radical Mosque, at least a Mosque with a radical Imam (who has since praised Maj. Hasan's terrorist acts), the same one members the 9/11 terrorist crew attended. Hundreds of people attending that Mosque don’t do anything bad, that we know of, but now we know of three who did commit acts of terrorism. He was still maintaining contact with the radical Imam recently via email;

Major Hasan was verbally counseled for proselytizing to a patent at Walter Reed Army Hospital and had a history of preaching radical Islamic Jihad to his peers;

He publically praised the attack by Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad at a recruiting station in Arkansas;

He gave away many of his belongings in the days leading to the terrorist attack he performed.

I am sure this is not the end of the list. Time will tell. Just from the information above, I can see that this Officer was no Sudden Jihad Syndrome victim. He was going along with a plan, for years, to undermine the morale of the Soldiers around him. He was working inside our Army for our enemies.

The excuse that he suddenly was worried that he was being deployed to a Muslim country and it is against his faith hold no water at all. Forces there have been at war with us there since 2001 and he sure as hell did not need to stay in our Army if he thought so strongly against our public policy, of defending ourselves from and retaliating against terrorists, even if they are Muslim. He could have quit whatever program he was in then. There are plenty of other ways to get out of the Army, even as a Psychiatrist during a war that he had yet to deploy for.  He even could have left our Army and joined his.  But he didn't.  He stayed in our Army to continue disrupting it.

He hung around the Army for over TWENTY YEARS, spewing his vile bile and being a general pain in the ass to his peers and patients. I have seen no reports of when he started preaching this radical (mainstream for him and his peers) nonsense, but I suspect it was earlier than what is being reported as of this writing. No wonder he got ‘harassed’ and that is a sarcastic quote, because I don’t believe he was harassed at all. When people tell you to shove it and get lost because you are annoying them with your Jihad advocacy, that is NOT harassment. Someone needs to tell many other Palestinians, besides Maj. Hasan, this too. Like the ones I knew in college, that not even their Muslim brothers from other countries could stand. If I don’t agree with you I am not harassing you. If you persist, you are harassing me. Calling me a Zionist is not the way to germinate sympathy for you or your cause either.  Actually, it is 'unpossible' for you to get me to like that cause, so just shut up already.

As Rush Limbaugh asked on the radio today, what does it take to call this a terrorist incident? Dick Durbin (D-IL), who called American Soldiers terrorists (falsely), is calling on people not to rush to judgment in this case. What the hell is wrong with that man? There is already plenty of evidence that this Major was a terrorist in the ranks of our own military. He was engaged in a systematic plan to disrupt our forces. He was not acting like the normal, patriotic Muslims and Troops of other faiths that we have throughout the Services. He was acting as an agent of a foreign enemy. The President and others in the command chain do need to refrain from certain speech to avoid a Command Influence defense, getting the case against Major Hasan thrown out. Senators, columnists, newscasters, Civil Servants and private citizens do not.

Another apparent tragedy is the way he was investigated for his actions. From current media reports, the intelligence and law enforcement agencies did not staff the evidence very well to the Pentagon and the analyst in the Pentagon appears to have not staffed it in his section, summarily dismissing the series of emails between Major Hasan and his radical Imam friend. Time will tell on that one too.

I know this will fall on blind eyes, but please, mainstream media, see this even for what it is: A Terrorist Act On American Soil.

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