10 November 2009

Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan, Victim of Institutionalized American Bigotry

What happens when you come up through the ranks of the Army, reach the top of your field, and then casually mention that you are of the Islamic Faith? If you guessed being shunned and called a camel jockey, you would be correct.
That is what happened to Major Hasan, US Army. No more no less.
It is no wonder he lashed out at the people who taunted him. He is a Field Grade Officer, but everybody blatantly ignored his orders and calls to the faith. The only reason, as we all know, is because his faith is Muslim. Of course, being Muslim automatically means that you are fundamentalist in the face of any other evidence, just because you had a bad day and defendes yourself against your tormentors.
Even his own relatives say he is peaceful and harmless. How many fundamentalists regularly visit strip clubs and drink beer like he did? I say that number is zero. He even tipped the dancers well and asked about their lives. He was probably trying to find a wife there and give her a better life. He is just as normal as you or I. Even moreso, he was generous, giving away many of his belongings to people who needed them more than he. The Army was taunting the wrong Muslim and turned him into a nuisance. If he were Christian of Jewish, none of this would have happened.
Major Hasan was obviously deeply affected by the Soldiers he was made to counsel, returning from Bush’s wars, infecting him with secondhand Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. All of that after years of FBI harassment and investigations for expressing his views, then the Army threatened to put him on the front lines in Afghanistan. They should have known this would create Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

(updated 11/11/2009)
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