08 November 2009

American Muslims Praise Fort Hood Palestinian-American Terrorist

Sorry, Suki had problems playing this from the source on Chrome.  Worked OK on IE 8.0.  Hat tips to Debora Amorino and Networkblogs (that last link is the one Suki had problems with on Chrome).

How can anybody associate with scum like this?  Being on their side is one way, I guess.  They are praising Palestinian-American terrorist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan.

Looks like Rachel Corrie missed out.  This pack is in New York, NY and they call themselves "Revolution Muslim".  At least they are out in the open with it.  Not like the Bund or Muslim Brotherhood, the latter claiming that Hamas just builds schools and hospitals.

Previous coverage of this here.

Yea baby, get that Hijab on.

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