23 January 2010

The Female Terrorists Robert Steele has been Warning of

Open Source Security advocate, Robert Steele has been trying to warn people for years about various Middle-eastern bad-players recruiting and training women for all sorts of things against the West.  From intelligence gathering to actual attacks.  So, this does not really come as a surprise:

ABC: Female bombers may target US

Al-Qaeda training female suicide bombers who may not look Arab, carry Western passport ABC says

WASHINGTON - Al-Qaeda is training female suicide bombers in Yemen, including at least two who do not look Arab and carry Western passports, ABC reported.
According the report, the current threat is tangible but the female bombers have not yet been sent on their suicide missions.

Former White House counter-terrorism official Richard Clarke reported that al-Qaeda trains the female terrorists in Yemen. American officials have said that a recent US air strike on the terror network's training camp in the country killed many would-be suicide bombers but not all of them.
According to Clarke, many of the terror activists training at the camp have light skinned and may not look Arab.
I do object to the phrasing "look Arabic," more to the idea that there is just one look.  I've run into enough Arabic people who "look Western" to know these phrases are meaningless.
Meanwhile in Iraq:
Iraqi Forces Arrest Suspected Terrorists
In northwest Baghdad, Iraqi security forces and U.S. advisors searched a residential building for a suspected female terrorist who is believed to be actively recruiting female suicide bombers for use in high-profile attacks against government officials and civilians.

The Iraqi forces identified and arrested the alleged terrorist and another suspect without incident.

During a second operation in Esaiwid, northeast of Baghdad, Iraqi security forces and U.S. advisors searched for a member of a Kirkuk-based improvised explosive device cell. The man also is suspected of aiding terrorist leaders.

Isreal has been dealing with those for quite a few years too.

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