30 January 2010

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Census Commercial

A current PSA for the Census is pretty damn stupid.  Don't get me wrong, it is an enumerated power of the federal government in the Constitution and is necessary for apportionment of representatives.

What it is NOT for is figuring out how many school teachers a town needs from one year to the next!  Yes, that is what the stupid commercial is informing people.  'If we have x number of students this year, we need y number of teachers.  If we have x*2 students next year, we need y*2 teachers.'

Fine and nice-ish, if you were talking about the American Community Servey (NOT enumerated in the Constution), you only mention The Census, like it is the once every ten years one enumerated in the Constitution.

Note to the self-important federal government: The School System will know long before you compile your forms how many students are enrolled in their school system.

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