29 March 2010

More Suki Tech in the News

Slashdot scoop:
forgot_my_username writes"The MIT media Lab is developing a motion screen computer. It looks back at you. It measures light, and gestures and uses those to control the interface. 'Imagine every pixel on your LCD screen emitting light could also be receiving light,' said Ramesh Rakar, an Associate Professor at the MIT Media Lab. They even mention the health benefits of not touching displays."

A little more for those who might not have read all the books.  I think that it like everybody besides John, me and the other contributors ;)

John Tagliaferro introduced the concept of "gogs" in the original series and found a similar MIT project, Sixth-Sense, that he posted about sometime last year.  The user has a display in his or her glasses and earbuds, they type in the air on a virtual keyboard in their line of vision.

Sarah built on that a lil' in her fan fiction story, John and Suki: Vacation Fun, where she uses earbuds that are deep in the ear and need a tool to remove.  Mike and Honey (the villeins) use them to control and help mind-wash John and Suki.

By the time they got me talked into writing a story I got the idea of using contacts instead of glasses, or goggles, for the display.  I really did not address input when I had Suki using them, they were more for pre-set information display.

In the new series, John takes it up to another level.  He has the displays in the contacts, and other things, controlled by eye movements or by finger movements in the air.  He extends the earbud concept a bit more too.

Sorry, was looking for a picture of a model with her fingers in the air for an illustration and had to settle for the one trying to sell costumes :)

Update:  It seems Vernor Vinge used a similar concept in 2001 in work he won a Hugo Award for.  Thanks for the tip  maxume!

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