21 March 2010

Thanks Congress, Eat Me

Congress went Maoboma today.  Fucking EAT ME!  Yes, in that whole Sam Kinison manner.  If I am going to hell, it is worth it.

The congress ignored their people and enacted National Socialism.  Fucking bastards.  Thanksl, you retarded pricks.  Most of you have no fucking clue what you did, the rest know exactly what you did.  Every yea voter needs to rot in fucking hell.  Socialized healthcare is not coming out of your elite pocket, it is coming from mine and the other regular people.  Fuck you again.

Thanks.  Now that when I get sick enough to need help, no GOOD doctors will be around.  No GOOD drugs will be available.  No GOOD anything will be in the USA because you fuckheads ran it all off.

Maybe New York will succeed and we can be done with them?


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