11 October 2010

Islamophobia at the Washington Post and a Gallery in Colorado?

The news of the day is the Washington Post and other papers refusing to run this instance of the Non Sequitur cartoon, below by Wiley Miller, via GoComics.Com:

"Picture book titled voted least likely to ever find a a publisher" is at the top and the title at the bottom is "Where's Muhammed?"
Note, this story in the Washington Post talks about why they did not run the cartoon (click for full size image). They write about it as if it was supposed to run on 10 October 2010, but the cartoon is dated 3 October 2010
 . . . Style editor Ned Martel said he decided to yank it, after conferring with others, including Executive Editor Marcus W. Brauchli, because "it seemed a deliberate provocation without a clear message." He added that "the point of the joke was not immediately clear" and that readers might think that Muhammad was somewhere in the drawing. 
Some readers accused The Post of censorship. "Cowards," e-mailed John D. Stackpole of Fort Washington, one of several who used that word.
Miller is fuming. The award-winning cartoonist, who lives in Maine, told me the cartoon was meant to satirize "the insanity of an entire group of people rioting and putting out a hit list over cartoons," as well as "media cowering in fear of printing any cartoon that contains the word 'Muhammad.' "
"The wonderful irony [is that] great newspapers like The Washington Post, that took on Nixon . . . run in fear of this very tame cartoon, thus validating the accuracy of the satire," he said by e-mail.
Through an apparent oversight, the "Where's Muhammad?" cartoon was put on The Post'sWeb site. Brauchli said he was unaware, adding, "Ideally, we wouldn't have done that if we withheld it from print."
Oddly, The Post published a similar cartoon by Miller at the height of the Danish cartoon controversy in 2006. It showed a street artist next to a sign reading: "Caricatures of Muhammad While You Wait!"
Wow! Shocking stuff. Good thing you came to my blog where you can find it and I am not afraid to post it.

In other news,

Crowbar Wielding Art Critic Attacks "Jesus Porn" in Loveland, Colo.

LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS/KCNC) Everybody's a critic, but not every critic wields a crowbar.
Police in Loveland, Colo., about 50 miles north of Denver, say that not only did Kathleen Folden, a truck driver, have a crowbar, but she drove all the way from Montana to use it on a print that depicts a Jesus-like figure engaging in sex.
The image below is what is left of the picture that had one character, thought to resemble Jesus, receiving oral sex from another that some say resembled Mohamed. I wanted the "before crowbar" version and will post it if I find it. This comes just in time for National Coming Out Day. Congratulations Muhammad!
In "The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals," by Enrique Chagoya, Jesus gets oral sex from Mohamed. It was defaced by truck driver Kathleen Folden.
Ah, here we go. Update 21 SEP 2012


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