30 December 2010

AT&T: Worst Wireless in Northern Virginia

I used to love AT&T G3 wireless service, now it sucks.  Before I visited relatives for Christmas, my connection would drop frequently.  Not the whole connection, the AT&T local network was sending and fetching bits, racking up my usage, but they kept dropping their connection to the cloud.

The last call I made before departing was to their customer service, and I was informed they were working on equipment.  Maybe they are trying to integrate 300 baud modems into their gear, because the service was sucking badly.  It had gotten slow and the path to the internet had been going off and in for days.

During my one week stay in Newport News, VA, the service worked perfectly.  It was "invisible," as it should be.  When I returned to Arlington, the problems were still there in my home zip-code.  I got sick of the constantly dropping gateway connection and called again.  Guess what AT&T diagnosed as the problem?  My computer!  The tech said it was a Vista problem and he had me turn off IPv6 and kept saying that Vista makes the connection drop.  No matter how many times I told him that I was not changing operating systems when I changed locations, he kept saying it was Vista.  I asked him how on earth this machine, air-card and OS could work fine for one week in a different location, then have the same connection problems in NoVA all over again and he still insisted it was Vista.

The tech wasted 1.5 hours of my existence insisting that my operating system was the cause of the problem and at no time mentioned any network outages of any type.  Somehow, for some people, every problem is Microsoft.
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