02 May 2009

The Mesh and Knowledge Net

In Suki I, set in the early 2030s, I mention "The Mesh" and "Knowledge Net", aka K-Net.

Mesh is the name of the communications system that Knowledge Net typically uses.  It is a logical extension of WiMAX (props to catMoze for this Hit & Run comment).  Essentially, network connectivity equipment has gotten so inexpensive and K-Net so useful and critical, that almost anything that runs on electricity is Mesh capable.  Similar to how so many appliances since the 1980s included a digital clock.

It is difficult to get out of Mesh range, but it is not impossible.  Some remote ocean and desert locations only have access when certain public satellites are in view of the network device.

This situation does lend to some extremes in human behavior that are explored in Suki I and I plan to use more in the rest of the series.

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