02 May 2009

The Chrysler bankruptcy

Update: Arguably the most interesting dimension to the story is the way the Obama White House is openly working the P.R. ropes against foot-draggers in this process.
Lots of good links in the article too.

The National Review notes: Oppenheimer Funds Didn't Cave

Yesterday, Obama said, “I stand with Chrysler’s employees and their families and communities,” and not “those who held out when everybody else is making sacrifices.” Does that mean he doesn't stand with the thousands of Americans who have retirement plans withOppenheimer Funds?

And Suki reminds me that I need to change a book detail.  Her Jeep is a 2023 Wrangler and I am quoted by her saying it is a collector's item from the last year of Nazi rule over that brand.  Need some different phrasing.  Mentioned in the Hit & Run discussion above too.

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  1. Of course, that insufferable MNG character has the comments section clogged with stupid ignorance.

    It does not matter how many people explain to him, in the finest detail, the difference between secured and unsecured he still refuses to understand it.

    If you can ignore 'him/her/it' you can learn a lot there.