02 May 2009

Someone finally wrote a good article on 'torture'

Sorry, creepy bugs do not make it to the level of torture for me either.

I really liked this one:

As the torments were gradually increased, next up the interrogation ladder came "walling." This involves pushing the terrorist against a flexible wall, during which his "head and neck are supported with a rolled hood or towel that provides a C-collar effect to prevent whiplash." 

People pay to have a lot rougher stuff done to them at Six Flags Great Adventure. Indeed, with plastic walls and soft neck collars, "walling" may be the world's first method of "torture" in which all the implements were made by Fisher-Price. 

As the memo darkly notes, walling doesn't cause any pain, but is supposed to induce terror by making a "loud noise": "(T)he false wall is in part constructed to create a loud sound when the individual hits it, which will further shock and surprise." (!!!) 
Nina Hartley gives a great, but NOT SAFE FOR WORK demonstration of woman-on-woman walling in the free video at this link.  (adult content)

nina hartley and a girl trying bondage brought to you by Tube8

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  1. HEY! That is not fair getting the first Nina Hartley post of our new blog!

    Love the video :)