31 May 2009

Star Trek Review

BLUF: I liked it.
Son took me to see the new Star Trek for early Father's Day. Good call. I do not think I have any spoilers in here.
First thing I noticed I liked: Beastie Boy's Sabotage while a young James T. Kirk was destroying his stepfather's Corvette. Shatner tie-in here. Shatner does not appear in the movie.

Odd things: the Romulans have gone all steampunk for this movie. Apparently their steampunk mining ships are made of more durable stuff than planets, because massive gobs of "red matter" take longer to destroy a Romulan mining vessle than a little drop takes to destroy a planet.

Uhura is the hottie of the movie.

They had to use some crazy "time has been changed" crap to have Spock's mother die in the transporter but still appear in the series.

The character John Tagliaferro, in Suki I, is a Star Trek fan, on the mild side. It is not mentioned in that book but will be in the series.


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  1. HEY! Beloved boyfriend took me to see that the same day :) (others reading, real me not character Suki).

    I thought it was pretty cheesy how they were tossing around all the signature lines from the TV series. Too much of that.

    How is the Star Trek/Star Wars thing going to work in the future books, since you haven't hipped me to that yet?

    Maybe Suki is Star Wars and John is Star Trek? I could help with that since you hate Star Wars.

    Still looking over the Suki II outline. Rough stuff in there!