05 June 2009

Another Contractor Day

Today is new carpet day at my place. New doors for the bedroom too. I think touch up painters are coming by today also.

Hope everything gets done by a decent hour. Have yet another "first date" tonight downtown.

Something that is difficult not to blog about is my last date, that Suki alludes to in another post. The difficulty? This was the hands-down winner in train wreck date stories, ever. EVER! It is total blog gold!

The previous winner was a girl who thought she had a chip implanted in her ankle by the CIA that recorded everything she did. She revealed this after we were naked in my livingroom watching a movie on our first (and last) date.

After the fact, my long-distance last girlfriend, whom I now had an open relationship with (that was going to be exclusive if we ever got back to the same city together again) was in fear of my safety. LDGF had lots of issues, but as long as she was in therapy and taking the proper meds, she was fine. My best friend told me to run. I helped her get a job and tried to get her hooked up with some therapy, but it did not work and I have not heard from her in a while.

A runner up was a girl who asked me about a million times if I was really, truly single then later revealed that she was in a relationship. Never bothered getting to know her.

The people who know my side of this story all agree, they have never heard anything this bizarre. Like I said, it is bigger than the stuff I just mentioned.

The setting is perfect for making the train wreck bigger.

The ending is outstanding too.

Why can't I blog about it? I just think it would be wrong. I do not think it happened maliciously, but I do think it was somewhat intentional from the drama freak I had the dates with. Only the last date was a train wreck, after a seemingly great week.

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