05 June 2009

Book Feedback

I don't know if it is a bad idea to post bad feedback about your own book on your own blog about your book, but I am doing it anyway.

My good friend, Suki, did not edit the whole book, she did not even see the whole book until it was done and she has not had time to read it yet.  She helped with female characters and a little about what women like to see in male characters.

My best friend, Danielle, finally got a DVD copy of the book.  She says it has too many parts that drag, which is something I was afraid of.  Not making any excuses here, but she does like lots of action.

She likes shoes too, but says I give too much detail on that.  Problem there on my end, women's shoes are something I can describe easily, but I had to dig for the proper name of a shirt dress and that slows the writing process.  In the future I will be investing the time in other descriptors and educating myself on the proper names of other items.

Seems I spent too many pages describing the environment and have too many lines of dialogue for things that can be said more concisely.

All of these things might have been caught if I had gotten a beta reader or could have gotten a copy to Danielle earlier.

My vow of not revealing the existence of this book to any future date has already been broken.  But, she does not know the title, location, any of the web info or anything like that.  And she knows the reason too:  three women in a row started incorporating stuff from the book as if it were a guide for dating me.  It begins flattering then gets annoying.

The last two had to mention how their sense of smell is so good.  The latest one was better at it than the previous one, but she went overboard with it too.  She went overboard with a lot of things, but it was usually received well by me.  Let me stop right there because I was talking about her in the previous post.  Skipping back to the other sense of smell girl, she was blatant and annoying from the beginning of our only date to the end.

Seems none of them realized they were emulating the wrong character to get my attention anyway.

Anyway, new first date is cool with my thoughts on this.  Will see how things go meeting a real woman rather than one morphing into a fictional character.

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