17 May 2009

Suki I - Table of Contents - ISBN:978-0-9824686-0-9 ASIN:B0029F1U

Suki I : Contents
First Thursday:  A new tutor 1
The Three J’s gather for another trendy evening. 38
Meanwhile by the Courthouse. 43
John checks his success on dating ads. 59
Trish’s conference center 62
Friday:  Happiness is your own private garage. 71
Chateau Patricia’s: the aftermath.. 80
Fate is in the air and on the road. 94
Lunch with mother 98
Completing the plan.. 118
Suki finishes her day. 124
Capping off John’s long day. 142
Samantha seeks the council of Miss Patricia. 152
Saturday:  Suki awakes. 159
The Weekend is for fun.. 163
Monday, Monday. 169
Final touches made to The Kill 176
The biggest Thursday ever 201
It is all my fault 209
Jackie assists John with the puzzle. 230
Jung to the rescue. 236
Trish gives Sam the outline. 252
Friday morning. 255
John meets with Jung. 262
The ladies meet to finalize the plan.. 289
John is refreshed and ready to recap. 313
The match.. 318
An evening with Suki 331
Sunday morning. 353
Sunday afternoon: Boogity, Boogity, Boogity! 370
Double date. 402
The snail’s walk back to John’s. 425
Monday morning:  Bad alarm!  Bad! 442
Monday evening unveiling of John.. 451
Loose ends. 476
Back at The Spot 485
Super Tuesday. 492
Appointments with Doctor Donna and more. 502
Suki’s fantasy begins. 553
Still under yellow.. 562
Suki has the girls over for Saturday lunch.. 569
John and his crew watch the race too. 627

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ISBN: 978-0-9824686-0-9

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