07 September 2009

My book series IS about you!

Several people have given me the same solution for when stupid people ask me who my characters are based on (nobody) and are amazed that I have "done all that stuff" (the stuff I made up for my books). Blogger buddy 'Suki' finally gave me wording that sunk in:

"I have been watching you from afar for two years, so I wrote a book series about my fantasies with you. Glad you finally asked."

One of her friends added, "I have hundreds of photos of you lining my condo walls."

I like that second line as a follow-up if the light never comes on.

It happened yet again and it was another of those published authors who does not seem to have a real imagination. She had to move over several seats at a bar just to pester me about what I was writing (Suki IV) and insist that Suki was a real person instead of a marketing-driven character.

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