12 September 2009

I should cease being amazed . . .

I should cease being amazed, but I won't any time soon.

Sitting in a very nice restaurant, at the bar, for about three hours I have had:

Several people come in, sit close to me and my smouldering cigarette, pick up the large paper menus and "waft" my smoke away. No shortage of seating in non-smoking, father down the bar, at tables in the same area, or in the non-smoking establishments of Ted's Montana Grill and Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.

A party of four who seemed to think the stools are bolted to the floor, who had to "butt" some guy right against me, while there was plenty of room to their left.

A group of women behind me, who decided the one of the greatest girth had to sit in the aisle right behind me, so everybody passing had to climb my back.

Positive note, Suki IV is in final edit. Wrote "The End" over an hour ago.

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