20 October 2009

5th Avenue Hillbillies

Check Damon Root's story about those silly people in Manhattan trying to live like cave dwellers in an apartment:

The Further Adventures of a Guilty Liberal

Some choice comments from the commentators:

John|10.19.09 @ 12:57PM|

“Beavan’s project is imbued with undeniable virtue.”
No it is not. The project at best is a complete waste of time. And at worst it is a net negative in that perpetuates the rediculous idea that man is somehow separeate from nature and capable of living outside of it.
There is nothing noble about it all. Beavan is a fucking ignorant douschbag who ought to be shunning and laughed at at every opportunity.

@|10.19.09 @ 2:03PM|

You're not allowed to take issue with Jacobs' example of virtue. Does she bother to define the word? She does not. It is stated as fact that Beavans is virtuous. To deny or question it exposes you as an ignorant hick, not worthy of the Times' book review.
Read more at the link above.

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