18 October 2009

Interesting blog post by my favorite anti-Semite

Bad day at the Security Council

October 15

Israel had a bad day at the Security Council in NY yesterday as the monthly meeting took up the discussion of the Goldstone Report. Alone, except perhaps for the US, Israel used every complaint, suggestion, and mis-statment it could to stop the proceedings. Among them are the following:

"We have a right to Self-defense." Certainly they do, and the missiles coming from various places in Gaza should be stopped--but not at the expense of over 10,000 homes and over 1,000 killed and more wounded for a bunch of missiles whose most critical hit was a fountain in a southern Israeli town. Israel, it seems believes it has the right to defend itself, but the Palesti nians are simply supposed to roll over and take what they get. Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gabriela Shalev made this comment, in which she also called the madate of the Commission "Too Broad."
Read all of the awful rest, plus my comments, at the link above.

And John and I really are buddies in real life.  Have known each other for years and years.

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