18 October 2009

Gaza wasn't built in a day . . .

Gaza wasn't built in a day and it didn't take much more than a week for the Palestinians to destroy it.

Your thought for the next decade or two.

Pretty freakin' amazing that when the Gazans behave they don't get shot at.  Since they suck at shooting to begin with maybe they should just settle down and stop blowing up Israeli water fountains, or accidentally hitting military targets (that they never aim at) when trying to blow up power stations.

The closest thing to a supportive argument from their backers (this is a follow on to that post) is that Israeli shooting is more accurate than terrorist Palestinian shooting.  Pretty lame.



  1. Very true that Gaza wans'nt built in a day--but the Israeli's didn't destroy it with their planes and tanks in one either. That's pretty lousy shooting to get the guy (? Hamas) who got the fountain in Sderot.

  2. Um, one JohnT to another, the Palestinians managed to destroy it in a week without any Israeli help right after they were handed the keys.