09 October 2009

Obama Steals Nobel Prize from First Black President

In shocking news from Oslo, Norway, the Nobel committee has awarded President if the USA Obama the Nobel Peace Prize.

The first Black President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton, has not made a public comment about these developments.

Suki blogged about this earlier.



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  1. Dr. Marie Kimberley Knight md, Former President of the United States who was elected in 2004 (Knight vs. Gore) was awarded a Nobel Prize as the First Black President of the United States. Dr. Knight travelled with President Obama to Oslo, Norway to the Nobel offices, where she was affirmed as a Nobel Laureate for The creation of Peace, (1968), The Platform of Safety Longitude and Latititude, 1978 and The Human Rights Agenda, 1993. She merged her Presidency with that of Obama, due to an insurgent effort. Dr. Knight is of mixed race.