21 December 2009

Amazon Kindle Available for PC

Read Amazon Kindle books on your PC!  Check the Amazon page for details on how to read Kindle books on your home computer.

The Kindle application has been available for a while for iPhone and iPod touch.

Suki I for Kindle $0.99
Suki II: Sunshine Returns for Kindle $0.99
Suki III: Never Let Us End for Kindle $0.99
Suki IV: Finally A Vacation (War With Iran) for Kindle $0.99

Get all four in one book for only $3.69!  Suki V: The Collection for Kindle 

Prefer paperback?  Trade paperback (6" x 9") of Suki V: The Collection is available now. $22.69 with discount codRVBEFUNN (if you don't use the code it will be $26.69) from the Create Space eStore.

Suki V paperback is available from Amazon for $26.69 now.

Sarah's fan fiction story is available on Kindle now.  John and Suki: Vacation Fun, for Kindle $0.99

My fan fiction based on the story is on Kindle too.  Suki: Settling the Score, for Kindle $0.99

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Read Controlling Sarah free at Literotica.Com
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Suki Series Tech
Order the paperback edition of Suki V: The Collection
Browse the series on Google: Suki ISuki IISuki IIISuki IVSuki V
Fan Fiction: John and Suki: Vacation Fun
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