25 December 2009

Terrorist Act Last Friday

Federal authorities say a Nigerian passenger on an Amsterdam-to-Detroit flight tried to blow up the airliner, which landed safely. The would-be bomber is injured.

Too bad the jerk is not dead.  Maybe he was just 'stressed out' like that Army Major at Fort Hood last month?

Plane incident called an act of terrorism

The suspected would-be bomber suffered burns as the result of his attempt, and two of the other 277 passengers reported minor injuries, authorities said. FBI agents were investigating the incident, which a White House official said was believed to be terrorism.

"He was trying to ignite some kind of incendiary device," said a federal anti-terrorism official, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case. "He lit himself on fire and he's suffered some burns."

Maybe it was all the pressure of a failed Jihad?  Could have just had a bad day.  Yea, right.

President Obama was briefed on the Christmas Day incident during his Hawaii vacation and was receiving regular updates.
Oh, thank GOD we are safe now!  Briefing to Hamas, just to be fair, to follow.

Update 12/27/09: He had PETN hidden in his underwear.

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  1. Found an update for you on The Examiner:

    "Mudallad was able to sneak the bomb, which officials say consisted of powder and liquid, onto the plane in Nigeria, where the flight originated before it went through Amsterdam en route to Detroit. Nigeria's two major international airports in Abuja and Lagos have been known for lax security - incoming passengers are typically not tested for explosive residue on their carry-on baggage and shoes."

    Years ago I saw a science guy on the Letterman show ignite thermite with a thick liquid. Maybe some of your Chemist buddies know more?

  2. Forgot the linkie! Here is the URL to the story and video: