14 April 2010

Is this how Jihad Janes are recruited?

Is this a method that middle-east guys use to recruit USAian women for their "cause?"  Seems pretty clumsy, but I can see how others might go for it.  John thinks this guy was trying to work me.

From some facebook discussions that lasted two days.  Starts innocent, then gets weird.

This bit is a little meaningless without some background.  This guy posted to my wall an interest in the books I have helped with.  So, I gave him the link to this blog where John posted where to get everything and pointed out which one was the only one I wrote on my own.

The next day, he writes wanting to know all over again where to get the books and the information was still on my wall in our discussion about that.  (I have since deleted it, wish I had reposted here).  He tells me that he does not have a credit card and wants me to send him a free copy.  He wants to study my book and he likes real stories that people write about themselves.

Well, my story is sci-fi future fantasy and has nothing to do with me or anybody else I know.  It is a continuation of John's characters in a different setting.  So, he asks me if I like gemstones and I tell him that my boyfriend gives me more than I need of those. (This is true, and I adore every one, but I don't wear a lot of jewelry either.)

So, he takes that as a lack of interest in gemstones and begins calling me sir.  These are the two message exchanges I still have.

First discussion:

Suki Mononameonic
Thank you!
Mon at 1:51pm · 
Em Khan
i want to study your book but dont know where to get it from?
Mon at 4:20pm
Suki Mononameonic
All of the books written by John, Sarah and me are available through the links here:
The one I wrote, "Suki: Settling The Score" is on both Kindle and available in the fan fiction book too.
Paperbacks are available through Amazon or CreateSpace.Com, links at the blog link above.
The link also has ISBNs so you can ask your bookstore or library to order it too.
Mon at 4:32pm · 
Em Khan
hmmm thanks but though i am student i have credit card to use it on amazon or any other site.
can u gift it to me so that i have an apportunity to read it.
Thank u
Mon at 4:48pm
Suki Mononameonic
Sorry, I don't have any control over that. The writer and publisher have discounts on the CreateSpace.com pages in the links from the blog.

Also, you can read Kindle books on a variety of devices, iPhone, iPod, PC, MAC and Blackberry, not sure of others. Links to the applications are at the Kindle pages for them on Amazon. The one I wrote is less than $4 there.
Mon at 6:35pm · 

Another, after he started calling me sir for already having plenty of "gemstones" from my boyfriend.  He also asked several times if I was Japanese, no matter how many times I pointed to my profile and said "no, I am American."  Somehow, Suki is not an American name, to him:

Suki April 13 at 6:46pm
All gemstone talk was covered in my previous message.
Em April 13 at 6:48pm
hmmm ok as u like
Suki April 13 at 6:48pm
No name in the United States is "American" unless you are talking about Indian tribal names. All of us are not descendants of the British either. Here, we and our relatives come from many different places.
Em April 13 at 6:49pm
Suki April 13 at 6:51pm
Sorry, I only read in English, a touch of German and a few other words here and there.

Between these two message exchanges, we had some live chat.  He decided to talk politics instead.  I told him that I am libertarian, so he launched into how bad American policy is and we should leave Afghanistan and Iraq alone.  See his last comment here, about who is really pulling the strings on America:

Third and last message exchange:

Between Em Khan and You
Suki April 13 at 7:08pm
Em, it has been an entertaining two days with you!

First, you ask how to get my "books" and I explain to you that I only wrote one and point you where to get them.

Then you tell me a story about not having a credit card and you can't find the link that was still sitting on your wall.

Next, you offer me great deals on gemstones! Right after calling me a man. Such a charmer! Somewhere in there you accused me of being Japanese too. Why did I bother with a profile anyway?

Now, you are trying to tell me that my country needs to just sit and get attacked and that there is something wrong with me for not accepting that?

Good by, Em, I am sure you can charm some other American woman into whatever you are after.
Em April 13 at 7:11pm
im after nothing....
I want nothing... God has given me everything.
I just want to know the reality behind all that we saw in the last two years in pakistan??? What was it?
Suki April 13 at 7:14pm
Bye, Em. From our chat I already know you either like imagining things or making them up. You mentioned nothing about what you saw anywhere, even from the past two years in Pakistan.

If you are really in college, just go back to your studies. Get good grades, graduate and get a good job.
Bye bye.
Em April 13 at 7:18pm
i will get good job soon, its not a problem for me because im going to canada next year....
But as i said i belong to swat which was the center of terror but believe me nobody knows who were these people....
Even our officials and army officials and intelligencia say that they were funded by america, israel and india....

Let me see if I can still do a good college summation.  Maybe not.

Guy shows his interest in my work by complimenting me for writing stories that have nothing to do with the one story I got published and wants to know where to get a copy.

Poor little fellow doesn't have a credit card, but he is so interested, he wants me to send a free copy to Pakistan, I presume, so he can study me as he stated.

This guy can get me great deals on gemstones!  The guy who does not have a credit card and can't figure out where to buy books in Pakistan while attending a very nice university.  I must be one lucky girl!

On the political front, what a stroke of luck!  I found an insider with Pakistani swat (whatever that is, he mentioned it in chat) who knows all about 9/11 and he is here to educate me.  You see, it was those crafty, nasty Jews and Indians who did it!

Anybody know a good seamstress for my new tailor-made Hijab? ROFLMAO!

This deserves some Hijab porn.  Not safe for work!

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