17 September 2010

The 2010 Republican Primaries. Where to Start?

Sadly, she is not the brains of this operation.
Might as well start with Arizona. Those people are stupid for renominating McCain. If you want a Democrat, just get one with a D behind their name.

Now, for the crazy. Charles Krauthammer, in what I hope is a temporary fit of Washington Post nativeism, goes after the Delaware Republican Senate nominee, O'Donnell during an evening visit to FOX news:
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I'd vote Republican but, you see, I think what Laura is missing the point that what's at stake here is control of the Senate. This is not an ordinary year. This is not an ordinary Democratic administration. This is a Democratic administration with a very ambitious social Democratic agenda. They want to change America. They've had 18 months. They have passed, for example, Obamacare, which will change America structurally and in a way that will not be reversible. Now they have ambitions to do the same with energy, with education, with taxation. They're going to appoint Supreme Court justices.

The paramount objective of any Republican and conservative today is to gain control of one or other of the Houses and stop it, and that's why what's important is winning seats. I think it's a huge mistake to jeopardize a seat in Delaware which was absolutely in the pocket without almost any contention and to jeopardize it with a much weaker candidate, who may or may not win, and I think is overwhelmingly likely to lose.
No, Chuckie, the objective is to get back a conservative government. Nominating and electing a pantywaist whiner does not gain that, especially when there is no real difference between him and the Democrat bearded Marxist running to represent Delaware in the US Senate. (The funny thing about that Politico article is that they picked the same Republican nominee that Krauthammer preferred, as if he already was the nominee in May.)  If you want to join in with the country club establishment Republicans you are doing it at the wrong time. Either take a pill and get sane or listen to Michael Steel and shut up.

Hey, stupid, she's hot.
In one day O'Donnell raised one million dollars for her campaign and closed the polling gap with her Marxist opponent to around 10%.

Mouthpieces of the other parties, keep talking the way you are, all you can do at this point is help. Where 'libertarian leaning' Reason's Moynihan got the idea that O'Donnell was a long shot, who knows. She earned 53% of the Republican vote. Oh yea, she was a "long shot" at Washington, DC cocktail parties. He also thinks she is insane, for reasons like expressing personal choice in masturbation habits, refraining from them herself when she was in her 20s. His article is an interesting blend of Democrat and National Republican Senatorial Committee talking points. She filed a lawsuit against a former employer for violating policy by not allowing her time off for a Masters program, which Reason equates with falsely claiming to have a Master's degree.  Perhaps Reason sees her as a threat to their patron Saint, and ally of Dennis Kucinich (Marxist from Mars), Ron Paul (R-TX) who, with them, thinks the only possible reason to oppose the Ground Zero Mosque is racism. At the same time, they cheer on Sen. Harry Reid's cuckold border policy of opening only the US side of the US/Mexico border.

On second thought, Reason is the best source for the hysterical opposition view to O'Donnell, as their latest boss, Matt Welch, has declared Esquire Magazine as an official judge of "side show freak" certification.  If you want the liberaltarian view from the DC Beltway, that is the place to go.

Were there any other races happening this week? Apparently yes (via my blog buddy).

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