14 September 2010

Updated: Wheaton Metro Closed Again - Non-Electrified Escalator

I suspect Catwoman The Plot Thins:
UPDATE 8:36 a.m.: A Metro spokesperson tells ABC 7 News the escalators at the Wheaton Metro station were not electrified, as previously reported, and there was no danger to passengers because the power was out. After an extensive interview with the mechanics who worked on the escalators, a Metro spokesperson says the mechanics claim they never told Metro customers that electricity was running through the escalators, which is why they were out of service in the first place. The elevators were also out of service at this time.
Most recent video as of this post:

Updated: Wheaton Metro riders trapped in elevator for 30 minutes - @TBD Neighborhoods | TBD.com:
"Update 6:20 p.m: Adding to the woes at the Wheaton Metro Station today is Metro's announcement that the entire station is closed. Just in time for rush hour, too."
14 September 2010: On the air this AM, Courtney Robinson reported that the escalator was electrified and the elevators were inoperative. The potentially lethal station was closed again, just in time for rush hour. See update at the top.

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