12 November 2010

Hamas Gets A- Rating from BBB, Starbucks gets an F

In yo' face Hezbollah! BOOM!
Hamas Gets A- Rating from BBB | Mother Jones:
. . . "the BBB rating doesn't mean much. But just to drive that point home, the author of the website BBBRoundup went a step further to illustrate just how easy it is for an entity to earn the BBB's seal of approval. He registered the terrorist group Hamas with the LA BBB, paying the $425 for it to become an 'accredited business' with the venerable consumer bureau. The BBB's Hamas listing states that the business is devoted to 'providing educational services to troubled youth,' and that it has received an 'excellent rating' from the BBB. And just to show what kind of companies earn an 'F' from the BBB, the site also compared the BBB rankings of a fake company it paid to accredit, Moores Sushi, with the coffee chain Starbucks. The BBB gave the fake sushi supplier that forked over some cash an 'A-' rating, while Starbucks, which is not a BBB member, got an F."
F-you BBB, I'm not even a F'n member!


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  1. Suki, didn't your mother tell you to do as I say, not as I do?