11 November 2010

Video: Westboro Baptist Church at Arlington Cemetery 11.11.2010

See the Westboro Baptist Church at Arlington Cemetery video on my YouTube Channel.

Clip 1 Westboro Baptist Church at Arlington National Cemetery: Opens with north-side escalators and pro-troops group
0:00:23.67 "Thank You to Our Troops" "You Did Not Falter You Did Not Fail"
0:01:52.13 Seabees Memorial
0:03:11.23 Crossing street to record Westboro Baptist Church demonstration
0:03:49.80 "God Hates You" "Fags Are Beasts" "Divorce + Remarriage = Adultery" "Destruction is Imminent"
0:04:03.23 "Fags Doom Nations" "Man's Job: Obey God"
0:04:38.27 "Thank God for Dead Soldiers"
0:05:07.63 View from METRO entrance of bikers on sidewalk between WBC and street
0:05:32.00 American flags, one biker unfurling USMC flag
0:06:05.00 Motorcycles across the street, panorama of area
0:06:20.40 Biker wearing 2nd Cavalry Stetson
0:06:58.60 Camera back on stone wall recording WBC
0:08:48.50 "You Hate Your Kids"
0:08:59.40 Police motorcycles arrive
0:10:18.00 Civilian motorcycles arriving

Clip 2 Westboro Baptist Church at Arlington National Cemetery: Opens with police approaching bikers loitering on sidewalk

0:00:09.40 Police telling counter protesters to move across the street or stay in motion on sidewalk
0:02:40.73 "Phelps = Human IED"
0:04:10.90 Motorcycles leaving cemetery
0:04:45.20 Pan back to bikers marching on sidewalk
0:04:55.30 More motorcycles
0:05:41.90 View from escalator of Westboro protest pen

Stills from the event below and in higher definition with maps at Panormio.
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