08 November 2010

Obama: The Comedy President

First, in other comedy news, Keith Olbermann's time-out from MSNBC lasted all of two days.  Not linking, consult your favorite news feed for details.  Like those whining that Obama supporter Olbermann's contract does not allow him to make political donations while acting as a journalist, but FOX does.  Well, FOX does not either.  Sean Hannity is reported as making a donation to a PAC.  Problem?  No, he is an opinion show host, not a journalist.  Even better, false complaints that FOX News Network donated $1,000,000 to the Republican Governor's Association.  Yes, that is false too. NewsCorp made the donation, the parent company of FOX and several other firms.  That amount is less that 1/20th of what George Soros, parent backer of numerous news outlets, donated to Democrats.  I regret that I will never be selected as a "Worst Person in the World".  Maybe I can still get a fatwa.

Photoshopper rendering of another Obama summit.
Now, on with the Obama show.

Update: Obama remembers the Mumbai attacks, forgets about MAJ Hasan's shooting spree at Fort Hood.  Never mind, he handed the terrorist defense team all the ammunition they need for a command influence acquittal right after the attack.

Did I mention his bowing on this trip when I posted this earlier?  Guess not.
Obama likes to show a humble leader to anybody who will look.
Business leader Bhupendra Kansagra introduced president Obama as a "fellow Kenyan."

The press corps visited the grade school Obama attended and got to hear about his joining in Muslim prayers with the other students, against his mother's wishes.

He is adamant about the beauty, at sunset, of the Muslim call to prayer.

Obama introduces the teleprompter to the Indian Parliament, without funk.

The big news of the Left is that this trip does not cost as much as an Indian media outlet misreported, then dubs it a rumor of "the Right".

Obama did a puff segment on 60 Minutes and gives false credit to Republicans for blocking something-or-other.  That was a mathematical impossibility for the past two years, but if you wanted blocking to whine about, you have it now, Hussein'O.  Can't be his health-care bill, that passed.  Can't be nationalizing two car companies, he did that and fired the CEO of GM, installing a buddy of his as boss.  Don''t think they were nationalized?  Try buying some GM before the government IPO and see what it is worth later.  Can't figure out what it was, but everybody is talking about his 60 Minutes comedy bits today.  Maybe getting his ass kicked in the 2 NOV 10 election?  Thank the Tea Party, Barry, not the Republicans who were sucking up to you for the past two years and will be lobbyists like Trent Lott in a few weeks.

As reported here before, President B. Hussein Obama does not want to fan the flames of his Muslim faith by wearing headgear to a Sikh Temple, so some report that he will be wearing an Arafat-esque tea towel in Mosque on his Asia visit.

Obama declared India as some sort of important trading partner and hooking up a deal to export numerous Harley-Davidson jobs to India.  South Korea, an actual major trading partner, is still waiting on our side of the free trade agreement with them to be voted on.


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