29 October 2010

Obama does not want to be thought of as a Muslim?

President B. Hussein Obama looks at a rifle in satirical photo.
The Marxist-In-Chief just keeps getting better.  Someone needs to tell him that The Onion is not a how-to publication.

Following up his shunning a Sikh Temple in India, allegedly because he did not want to "look Muslim", the White House announced:
(Reuters) - President Barack Obama will visit Indonesia's largest mosque and make a major outdoor speech directed at the global Muslim community when he visits Indonesia next month, the White House said on Thursday.

There are several theories circulating about 'why'.  My favorite is that B. Hussein Obama is sucking up to his radical islamic allies by dissing the Sikhs, who have been at war with radical islam for ages, and visiting the Istiqlal Mosque.  Ties in well with his Muslim Outreach efforts of late.

The only big question now is, will he wear fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner Yasser Arafat's old tea towel or something new?

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