27 October 2010

Man charged in bomb plot against Washington DC subway

Updated 28 October 2010

Man charged in bomb plot on Washington DC subway:
"Washington - A Pakistani-born man (Farooque Ahmed) has been arrested for a plot to bomb subway stations in and around Washington DC on Wednesday.

The Virginia man was indicted on charges that he attempted to aid what he thought were al-Qaida operatives in planning the bombings of several subway stations in the Washington area, according to a Washington Post report."

Photo taken by Virginia neighbor of ex-New Yorker Farooque Ahmed shows federal agents poised to raid the terror suspect's home.
Photo taken by Virginia neighbor of ex-New Yorker Farooque Ahmed shows federal agents poised to raid the terror suspect's home.
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2010/10/28/2010-10-28_accused_dc_bomb_plotter_farooque_ahmeds_goal_was_killing_as_many_metro_riders_as.html#ixzz13fETTFYE
From the NY Daily News article:
"Ahmed wanted to kill as many military personnel as possible," the complaint alleges.
Ahmed is the second would-be terrorist from Staten Island arrested this week. Abdel Hameed Shehadeh was charged Tuesday with lying to the feds about attempts to join the Taliban.
Sahar Mirza and child via Gawker
For some reason, the above quote is not used very much and "METRO riders" replaces "military personnel".
Other items from the story -  In Staten Island, he was registered as a Republican in 2002 (note: something not unheard of from radicals trying to stay below the radar) 
- His wife, Sahar Mirza, ran the Northern Virginia Meetup.Com group Hip Muslim Moms, under the banner of Moderate Muslim Moms. Some reports say she is from Birmingham, England.
- Farooque Ahmed is the son of a retired Pakistani bank executive.
- Farooque Ahmed is reported to have a LinkedIn profile that matches this one.
In predictable form, Salon asks: Did the FBI cook up a fake bomb plot?  without so much as a peek at the FBI's legal complaint.  They continue to poo-poo several of the pending cases against alleged terrorists.  At least they stop short of theorizing that the FBI placed the gun in the hand of MAJ Hasan to cook up a fake shooting spree.

I agree with others, like Joshua Pundit, that a radical wahabi imam/mosque connection is in this story somewhere waiting to be revealed.

The AP has this video report:

Refresh yourselves with the one story to tie them all together.

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