29 October 2010

Authorities Investigating Cargo Flights in NJ, Pa. - ABC News

New update: USA Fighter jets escorting a commercial jet from Canada to New York's LaGuardia airport.  Maybe unrelated: the Jewish Federation in Chicago is on heightened alert for suspicious packages. Some of the packages from Yemen are reported to be addressed to Chicago Synagogues.

New update: some packages contained explosive material according to Obama's teleprompter.

Suspected bombs on cargo planes and trucks.
Authorities Investigating Cargo Flights in NJ, Pa. - ABC News:
"Philadelphia International Airport spokeswoman Victoria Lupica says Philadelphia police and other agencies are with a plane at a remote part of that airport. Video from the airport shows emergency vehicles around a UPS jet.

A spokeswoman for United Parcel Service Inc. did not immediately know what prompted authorities to search the flight at Philadelphia. The company says it is working closely with authorities."
Radio reports added that there were other bombs were unloaded onto UPS and distributed by trucks.  There was something about a possible bomb investigation in a New York bank.  Suspect devices were also found in London. They originated in Yemen.  Yemen is the new home of New Mexico born imam Anwar al-Awlaki, career advisor to Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan.

Update: false alarm, or as my FaceBook Friend Bob Jackson says, "test runs."

This reminds me of the pre-election bombings in Spain just six years ago.  I will admit, I thought some of my friends were grasping at straws connecting radical Islamic magazines to the recent shootings and other dangerous events.  Now, I am paying a lot more attention.

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